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Prime Group is a legal service category originally designed for our English-speaking clients but has evolve into a unique program for conscious citizens that recognize and want to protect their second amendment rights above all.


We offer special counsel and services related to your constitucional right to keep and bear arms and how you can legally and responsibly exercise it in Puerto Rico.

We will advise and make sure you understand what is needed to comply with state and federal law regarding all aspects of your right to keep and bear arms.


We will train you on how to manage your firearms responsibly and counsel you to deal with any interaction with law enforcement or pertaining authorities.

Finally, we can assist your legal representation in cases were the PR Firearms Act or any other related law is misinterpreted, and your fundamental right may be in jeopardy. 

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What We

100% Bilingual Counsel

We are a 100% bilingual counsel, admitted to the PR Supreme Court (state) and the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico (federal) Bars. Instructors are also fluid and all of our courses, seminars and clinics, can be taught in English.

Moving to Puerto Rico

Our deep understanding of the PR Weapons Act allow us to offer the best advice to ensure compliance with state law. Firearms transfers, licensing, storage, etc. We can help you start your licensing process before you get here to ensure a smooth transition.

Professional Training 

As you start looking for professional instructors or training facilities, you'll soon find out there almost imposible to find in the Island. We offer up to date, tailored, no nonsense training at all leves in multiple disciplines and various locations (CCW, Defensive pistol, rifle & shotgun, NRA, and many others).


PR Law states that in a self-defense incident you are not liable for any criminal or civil responsibility. We offer expert witness and litigation assistance services to help you in any event that may occur. We also offer additional special litigation services regarding license denial or revocations, ilegal search and seizures and much more.

Members Network

One of our goals is to create a network of conscious minded professionals that can help each other if the need arises. Doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, contractors, bankers, chefs, etc.

Administrative Matters

We specialize in dealing with erroneous interpretations of state law by administrative agencies with jurisdiction (PRPD, BATF, DRNA, TSA) in any matter that may interfere or affect your right to keep and bear arms in Puerto Rico.

The Best CCW course in the Island

For first time applicants or renewals, we offer by far the most comprehensive CCW course in Puerto Rico.  Our state mandated CCW course was cautiously designed to ensure students receive not only the shooting fundamentals, but the expert legal advice needed to responsibly 

carry a firearm in PR. Courses can be private and 100% in English. 

Firearms Law 

We participated in the legislative process of the current PR Weapons Act, our experience dealing with this and other related laws allows us to offer the best advice to navigate this complex area of the law. Firearms Estates (inheritance), firearms and ammunition state security compliance, self-defense cases, CCW restrictions, and many others.  

Legislative Action

We keep a watchful eye on any new legislation that may affect your rights here in the Island. We will inform you of any issues that may arise. We will write and request to be present in any state hearing so we can participate in any related legislative process.


There are about 50 gun shops in the Island, as you may have noticed sometimes is hard to find what you're looking for. Ammo, holsters, parts, sights, tools, etc. We know most of them and can help you get whatever it is your looking for.   

The right to possess firearms for protection implies a corresponding right to acquire and maintain proficiency in their use; the core right wouldn't mean much without the training and practice that makes it effective. 

Judge Sykes

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